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Fists in Solidarity



At CHAMP, we are committed to promoting healing and mental well-being among black and brown communities. Our goal is to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health and create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can openly share their experiences, access resources, and connect with others who can relate.


We value your influence and support in shaping our community through CHAMP. With your backing, we can enhance our advocacy and education efforts for mental health in the years to come. Together, we can make a significant impact!


By volunteering with CHAMP, you can actively contribute to our mission. Our volunteers play a crucial role in assisting with various tasks such as organizing events, engaging with local and state representatives, making phone calls, and managing data. Each year, our dedicated volunteers donate hundreds of hours to the organization, making a real difference in our community.

In the previous year (2022-2023), CHAMP successfully provided support to over 70 middle school scholars through our Unity Healing camps. Additionally, we offered more than 75 complimentary counseling sessions, benefiting 20 families in Tarrant County, with a focus on the targeted areas of 76104 and 76105. Furthermore, we facilitated 10 free parent chats during this time.


Looking ahead to 2024, our aim is to double these impactful numbers and extend our support and services to an even larger community. We are excited about the possibilities and invite you to join us in making a lasting difference in our community.

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“As an educator at MMS, I've witnessed firsthand the incredible impact of the Unity Healing Camp collaboration. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the transformative experiences our scholars have gained through this partnership.”

~Best Regard, MG

"Seeing my child thrive after attending the Unity Healing Camps and Leadership Program has been nothing short of remarkable. The positive transformation in their confidence, empathy, and leadership skills is truly inspiring. I'm incredibly grateful for the impactful experiences that have shaped my child's growth and character." 

-Grandmother of GS

"The five free counseling sessions were a game-changer for my family. In that short time, I felt supported, understood, and equipped with tools to navigate life's challenges. It made a real difference in my mental well-being, and I'm immensely grateful for the opportunity."

-Sanchez Family

"The community conversation and asset mapping session were eye-opening. They not only connected us but also equipped us to handle future challenges together. Knowing our strengths and resources gives us confidence, unity, and resilience. It's empowering to be part of a community that's proactive in facing and overcoming challenges."


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